External Downloader Help


How to activate the plugin?

In the Tools menu, open the Plug-ins section and select External Downloader from the list. Select the checkbox next to it.

The plugin is active but torrents are not added.

When you first add a torrent, the plugin offers to install the necessary modules. If you refuse to do so, you will not be able to download torrents. To install the necessary modules manually, download the required file and copy it to the Users\"Current User"\AppData\Roaming\Download Master folder. This action may require admin rights.

I added the torrents, but the download did not start.

Probably, there are currently no seeders on this torrent. Wait for a while and the download will start automatically as soon as active seeders appear.

The download has stopped, even though there are seeders.

Some trackers require you to seed downloaded torrents. For example, to maintain a ratio of the amount of information given to the amount of information downloaded of more than 0.5. If the conditions are not met, the download may be blocked. When using trackers, read their terms and conditions.

Downloads are blocked by firewall or antivirus.

If you are confident that the file is safe, open the settings of your antivirus or firewall and allow the file to be saved and opened. For more information, refer to the help system of the corresponding software.
The same applies to the extension itself, in case its operation is blocked.

After downloading or distributing torrents, I will receive claims from copyright holders or authorised persons.

Before adding torrents for download, you must have all the necessary permissions, rights and consent of the copyright holders. If you have any doubts about a torrent, do not download it. External Downloader, Download Master, WestByte do not have any information about copyright holders, download permissions, seeding permissions, etc. and cannot control who downloads what information.
External Downloader, Download Master, WestByte are not responsible for the content downloaded, seeded or distributed.