External Downloader Help


Maximum number of uploads being seeded

The maximum number of downloaded torrents that can be distributed simultaneously. A large number can slow down your internet speed.

Stop seeding when rating reaches R=

Stop distribution for torrents if the set limit has already been downloaded (R=1 - the amount of downloaded data is equal to the file size).

Limit overall upload speed KB/s

Limit the upload speed to the set value. A high value can slow down your internet speed.


Download .torrent files with DM

Download Master will open files with the .torrent extension.

Download magnet links with DM

Download Master will intercept magnet links.

Developer mode (show server window)

If you need more detailed information on current torrents, you can enable the server window display.

Additional command line options for server:

Specify additional settings for the torrent server that you want to use when working with it. You can find a list of possible parameters and explanations in the server Manual. The use of some parameters may cause difficulties in the operation of torrents, use them at your own risk.
--bt-stop-timeout=300 --listen-port=6881-6999